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International Students - Important Information About Your Application: Please Read Before Applying!
An International Student is a student who is not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, and requires a Visa for entry into the United States. Necessary documentation for a Private Education Line of Credit with MIT FCU may include the following:
  • F-1 Visa, I-94, I-20, and Passport with a valid photo
  • J-1 Visa, I-94, and form DS-2019, and Passport with a valid photo
  • H1B Visa, I-94, Letter from Employer and Passport with a valid photo
  • L-1 Visa, I-94, Letter from Employer, MIT Sloan Admittance letter and Passport with valid photo
International Application: Special Instructions
E-signing and Document Collection: The e-signing option is not available for International Applicants - International Students MUST sign documents in person upon arrival in the United States. Since International Students need to sign documents in person, each student is encouraged to make an appointment with MIT Federal Credit Union to sign required loan paperwork. During this time, required documents will be collected (Visa, Passport, I-94, other specified documents) and contact information will be updated (Address, phone number, references, etc.). It is advised that applicants also establish their required MIT Federal Credit Union membership and open desired accounts during this meeting. Appointments may be made by contacting Raffaela Pixton, MIT Federal Credit Union Student Loan Representative, at 617-324-8189 or  
U.S. Address Application Requirement: In order to complete the application, you will be required to provide a United States mailing address. If you do not yet have a United States mailing address, please enter the following address in the “US Mailing Address” fields within the application:
700 Technology Square 
Cambridge, MA 02139 
Please write this address down, or keep this tab open, so that you can easily reference this address when needed. 
Domestic Address and Reference Form: The Domestic Address and Reference form is included in your checklist packet (available after submit your application). This document is not required prior to your arrival. We will update your address promptly when you arrive in our MIT FCU Branch to complete your remaining loan paperwork and provide necessary documentation. You will also provide your reference’s contact information at this time. Copies of this form will be available in our branch.  
Loan Request Amount: You are encouraged to carefully consider your budget and program costs when requesting your loan. The amount requested will be divided over semesters of attendance. Interest will begin to accrue on the date of disbursement. Additional draws may be requested at any time during the “Draw” Period.  
If you have any additional questions, please contact a student lending representative by calling 866-514-7550 (dial 734-556-1789 from outside the United States).


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